Masonic Hall Has New Owner

Morning Sun Lodge of the Masons has sold its School Street building to the Vermont Conservatory of Music for $67,000. The sale occurred 100 years after the former Simonds Lodge of the Masons purchased the former Univeralist Church. Use of the building by the Masons had declined significantly in recent years since the Shoreham Masons merged with the Bridport lodge.

Dr. Charles Callahan of Orwell, who heads the non-profit music conservatory, plans to use the building for concerts and performances, music instruction, and seminars. Dr. Callahan is a composer and organist who has taught at Middlebury College, Catholic University, and Rollins College. Kevin Parizo is president of the Conservatory’s board.

The building is located on town land, The Selectboard granted the new owner an easement for access.

“I bought the building because it is historic, and I don’t plan to do anything to alter its structure and integrity,? he says, adding that he will make the building ADA accessible and add an accessible restroom. He will apply for grants to help finance restoration and renovations.

Dr. Callahan hopes that the Conservatory will generate interest within the community and plans to hold a public open house soon.

One Response to “Masonic Hall Has New Owner”

  1. WIlliam Harris Says:

    I hope to be in contact with the music project, plese keep me informed of progress. The music link of my website will indicate my interests ion what you are doing.


    William Harris
    802 897 8624

    [added by shorehamvt:]

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