Thanks from Festival Organizer

Heidi Lanpher thanks everyone who helped with the Shoreham Festival. “It would not happen if it was not for everyone pulling together. Names are just too numerous to mention, but please accept my sincere thanks,? says Heidi. Planning will soon begin for next year’s event on September 2. How about a townwide tag sale? Car show? Tennis match or soccer game? Bathtub races? Call Heidi with ideas.

2 Responses to “Thanks from Festival Organizer”

  1. rc Says:

    Huge thanks to Heidi for all her work—it was all great, and the firworks were jaw-dropping! I felt like a little kid again. I was mesmerized, and kept hearing someone repeat “Oh, WOW!” over and over—by golly if it wasn’t me!

  2. shorehamvt Says:

    If anyone has photos of the Festival’s events, we’d love to post them. Hard-copy photos can be mailed or sent to the Town Office (we can scan and return), digital photos can be emailed to the town site’s webmaster. Please include some commentary on who’s who/what’s what so they can be captioned. Thanks a bunch!

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