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Town of Shoreham—Missing Signs

November 29, 2005

The Town of Shoreham recently replaced a number of street signs and stop signs, and installed speed limit signs. Almost as soon as the signs were installed, they were stolen or knocked over and damaged. The signs cost the taxpayers money. It costs around $100 per sign to install.

Not only is it an expense to the Town, loss of signs creates a dangerous situation for our residents. If a stop sign is gone, someone may drive through an intersection where they should stop. If street signs are gone, Fire, Rescue, and Ambulance Crews have a more difficult time finding people who need help!

If you know where any of the signs can be found, please call and the road crew will retrieve them. Town Clerk’s Telephone is 897-5841


Yo, Gert!

November 19, 2005

The November 14 issue of Addison Independent has a lengthy article spotlighting Millborne Farm’s new venture into drinkable yogurt—in strawberry, orange, and vanilla flavors. Owners Gert and Arda Schut explain the work behind organizing their new venture, finding distributors, and developing their unique yogurt product. You can find Millborne Farm’s “Yogurt Drink” at several local stores, including Greg’s, the Natural Foods Coop, and the Blue Hen in Middlebury, and—even closer to home—at the Shoreham Service Center. Check it out!


November 19, 2005

Shoreham PTF’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 30 at 2:30 in the Media Center. The agenda will include: election of officers, discussion of Doug Wilhelm visit, and other school issues. If you are interested in participating but cannot attend this meeting, please contact Renee Ursitti or Chris Laroche. [S. Hotte, Principal’s Notes]

Got Cookie Dough?

November 19, 2005

The Shoreham PTF has an assortment of flavors of cookie dough left over from their fundraiser. Boxes run from $12.00 to $15.00 depending on the flavor. If you would like to purchase a box of cookie dough please contact Renee Ursitti. [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]

School: Geography T-shirt Day Winners

November 18, 2005

Thanks to everyone that participated in Geography T-shirt day. Honorable Mention goes to Mrs. Longchamp with her t-shirt, jersey, hat, earring and tattoo combination depicting the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team, Hollis Bellucci for his insightful migration t-shirt, Mitchell Clarke for supplying extra shirts to students in his class. Other winners in the migration category were Miranda Lima in second grade, Jen Abbey in first grade, Micah Lynch in fifth grade and Ramsey Bronson and Dan Mench-Thurlow in sixth grade. Distance winners were Lucy Ursitti in first grade with China, Alya Christensen and Cassondra Laroche in second grade with Japan. Ahleiyah Mason-Rivera in third grade with China. Ethan Douville in fourth with Saturn, Mitchell Clarke in fifth grade with New Zealand, Brittany Clark in sixth grade with Antartica. The coordinated outfit winners were Jordan Hubbell with Disneyworld, Mrs. Peake with her Mao Tse Tung outfit, Mrs. Longchamp with her Toronto outfit and Zach Muzzy in fifth grade with a Boston Red Sox hat and t-shirt. Winners for the mountain category were Tasha Hescock in first grade with Mount Linabelu, Jakob Bilodeau in second grade with a mountain range in Wyoming, Ashley Rapacioli in fifth grade with Mount Humphries in Arizona. The river category winner was Dennis Schut in sixth grade with Eagle Creek in Colorado. Two students had language t-shirts, Taylor Patterson in fifth with Chinese and Adam Lawson in third with five Asiatic languages. [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]


November 15, 2005

Most of us are, at one point or another. Use this section to get your ideas out there, start a discussion, or respond to something that’s going on. Want to run for office? Announce it here. There’s always the IP tire burn…that should be worth a comment or two. Let’s see if we can get the ball tottering a bit, if not in full roll. Winter’s coming afterall and no more playtime in the garden. The WordPress-hosted software we’re using isn’t overly customizable at this time, so it may take us a bit of tweaking here & there to get things to display acceptably.

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Thanksgiving Recess

November 15, 2005

Longggg weekend coming up: School will be closed November 23 through 25 for Thanksgiving. Enjoy! [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]

Looking for a Basketball Coach

November 15, 2005

The elementary school’s athletic department is looking for someone to coach the 3rd and 4th grade girls’ & boys’ teams. Please call Ed Lanpher, Michelle Patterson, or Stacy Hotte to volunteer. [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]

Looking For That Special Gift?

November 10, 2005

The Newton Academy Restoration Committee has a new supply of Shoreham baseball caps. They can be purchased at the Shoreham Inn, Town Clerk’s Office, Douglas and Champlain Orchards, the Halfway House, or from John Sullivan. They’re handsome, inexpensive, support a great project, and make fine holiday gifts.

Fire Department and Rescue Squad Seek Volunteers

November 9, 2005

If you have had personal experience with a medical scare or emergency or a fire in Shoreham, you know that a quick response by trained personnel can be critical to the outcome. First Response and Fire Department volunteers provide the emergency services. They are on call day and night, ready to help their neighbors. To ensure that essential services can continue to be provided whenever they are needed, the rescue squad and fire department need some new volunteers

The rescue squad has only seven volunteers, only two or three of whom work in Shoreham during the day. The fire department has eighteen trained volunteers, but only five or fewer are available on weekdays. When necessary, calls go out to neighboring towns for mutual aid, but those volunteers cannot be on the scene as quickly as someone in town.

Jim Ortuno and Ethan McArdle volunteer as First Responders and firefighters. They work at Shoreham Upholstery, across the road from the fire department, and they respond to almost every call. “Last year there were only about three calls I didn’t respond to,? says Jim, adding that on days when there are several calls, he and Ethan get little of their work done. The shortage of daytime volunteers can create problems. “If only two of us respond to a fire, we can drive only two of the trucks, even though more may be needed,? Jim says with frustration.

Have you ever said or you would like to or should volunteer for your community? Now is the time to do it. “Our calls are not dramatic like those on tv shows. Most medical situations are non-life threatening. We take blood pressure and other vital signs, provide oxygen, and offer comfort. We prepare the patient for the ambulance,? Jim says. Fire department volunteers don’t have to fight fires; they can drive trucks and help outside the fire. The rescue squad averages one or two calls a week, and the fire department, one or two a month.

Fire department training classes meet weekly for five or six months in Middlebury. First Responder classes are twice a week for six months. Both require a few Saturday sessions. Potential rescue squad volunteers may take shorter modular classes to learn one skill at a time. Trained fire department and rescue squad volunteers meet two evenings a month for training, business, and comraderie.

Call Dick Treadway to learn more about the rescue squad and Jeff Treadway about the fire department.

[L.Fitzsimmons, Shoreham News]