Recycling News

Shoreham’s Recycling Center is for Shoreham residents only. The cost to the town for this service is $9,600 per year, paid through your property taxes. J.R.’s Recycling and Rubbish occasionally checks users’ I.Ds (any document that shows you are a resident of Shoreham), but does not catch everyone who is not a Shoreham resident. Non-residents who use the Recycling Center are driving up recycling costs. J.R.’s does not want to raise prices for this service. Therefore, the selectboard and J.R.’s are asking for your help to contain these costs and maintain this community service.

Shoreham needs a few volunteers to help survey the users and let the J.R.’s attendant know when someone doesn’t live in Shoreham. If you can spare some time to help with this cost-cutting measure, please call the town office at 897-5841 to sign up for a few hours on a Saturday morning for the next couple of months.

Everyone can help cut recycling costs by doing the following:
• Break down cardboard boxes.
• Remove ends of cans and crush them.
• Crush plastic containers. (We want to fill the recycling container with recyclables, not air. )
• Make sure all items are clean. (Recyclables are raw materials, not trash.
• Use clear bags. Opaque bags of recyclables will not be accepted.

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