School: Geography T-shirt Day Winners

Thanks to everyone that participated in Geography T-shirt day. Honorable Mention goes to Mrs. Longchamp with her t-shirt, jersey, hat, earring and tattoo combination depicting the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team, Hollis Bellucci for his insightful migration t-shirt, Mitchell Clarke for supplying extra shirts to students in his class. Other winners in the migration category were Miranda Lima in second grade, Jen Abbey in first grade, Micah Lynch in fifth grade and Ramsey Bronson and Dan Mench-Thurlow in sixth grade. Distance winners were Lucy Ursitti in first grade with China, Alya Christensen and Cassondra Laroche in second grade with Japan. Ahleiyah Mason-Rivera in third grade with China. Ethan Douville in fourth with Saturn, Mitchell Clarke in fifth grade with New Zealand, Brittany Clark in sixth grade with Antartica. The coordinated outfit winners were Jordan Hubbell with Disneyworld, Mrs. Peake with her Mao Tse Tung outfit, Mrs. Longchamp with her Toronto outfit and Zach Muzzy in fifth grade with a Boston Red Sox hat and t-shirt. Winners for the mountain category were Tasha Hescock in first grade with Mount Linabelu, Jakob Bilodeau in second grade with a mountain range in Wyoming, Ashley Rapacioli in fifth grade with Mount Humphries in Arizona. The river category winner was Dennis Schut in sixth grade with Eagle Creek in Colorado. Two students had language t-shirts, Taylor Patterson in fifth with Chinese and Adam Lawson in third with five Asiatic languages. [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]


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