December School Spirit Project

This month’s student council has chosen to help support the Addison County Humane Society as their school spirit project. The student council members are Robert Hornbeck, Jonathan Jerome, Alexis Wheeler, Paul Baldwin, Sierra Pomainville, Shirley Muzzy, Jordan Dieterle, Jordan Paul, Jimmy Wells, Katelynne Hill, Justin Cyr, and Joey Zeno. We will be collecting items from the Humane Society’s wish list (see at to donate to them. Students may choose to donate their time instead of items by spending time at the humane society playing with the cats or walking the dogs. Another way to donate to the Humane Society is to donate your used clothing to Neat Repeats and ask that all proceeds from the sale of your clothing be donated to the Humane Society. Our goal is to deliver all donations made to the Humane Society on Tuesday, December 20. There is a donation bucket in the entrance of the school. Parents and students are encouraged to drop off donations at the school during the winter concert or anytime school is in session. [from Principal’s Notes, S.Hotte]


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