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Town Meeting—Update

February 28, 2006

Light Supper Available—The 4-H will sell hot dogs, goulash, popcorn, and cookies beginning at 5:30 p.m. Don’t forget we’re starting an hour earlier this year, at 6 PM. School items are up first, followed by town issues. The candidates for office are listed below, followed by statements from a few.


Candidate: Will Stevens

Candidate: Mary Jane James


Candidate: Barbara Kivlin

Candidates: Jeff Bronson, Marthe A. Fisher, Art Remick

Candidates: Bob Growney, Robert Warren

Candidates: Stephen Goodrich, Eric Leonard, Larry Provost, Paul Saenger, Philip Witteman

Candidate: Judith Symon

Candidate: Maureen Rahner

Candidate: Robert W. Rahner

Candidate: William R. Telgen, Jr.

Candidate: William F. O’Neill, Jr.

Candidate: Greg Mairs

Candidates: Natasha Causton, Peter Lynch

Candidate: Raymond Mason

Candidate: Joyce Morgan

Candidate: Molly Francis

Candidate: Joseph B. Hescock

Candidate: Philip Kivlin

Candidate: Richard M. Philip

Candidate: Larry Provost

Candidate: Wesley Larrabee

Candidate Statements [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Selectboard, 3 years
Marthe A. Fisher: A graduate of UVM, I was born and raised in Addison County. I have lived in Shoreham since 1974 and currently am employed as the Payroll Administrator at Porter Medical Center. I have an accounting, office management and human resource background and have worked for both not for profit and for profit organizations. I believe a select board should be forward thinking, fiscally responsible and responsive to the needs of the town. I feel that I have the qualifications to effectively serve the Town of Shoreham as a member of the Select Board.

Art Remick: I have served 2 terms as Shoreham Selectperson, 3 years as Shoreham Auditor, and currently am in my 3rd term as Justice of the Peace. For 10 years, I have run my own computer consulting business, and have over 35 years business experience. I currently serve on the Addison County Home Health and Hospice Board of Directors, and have volunteered over 18 years board experience, serving as board presidents, vice presidents, and treasurer. My wife, Charlene, is a Physical Therapist with ACHHH. Native Vermonters, Charlene and I moved to Shoreham in 1978 and have 3 children, Scott, Kathryn, and Kimberly.

Selectperson, 2 years
Robert Warren:
I have lived in Shoreham for fifty years. For the last three years I have served on the selectboard. i have served you I have served you in the past as a volunteer on the rescue squad, the fire department, and was the constable for thirty years. There re a lot of decisions to be made in the next few years. One of the biggest is the location f the town office. I believe that the sale of a couple building lots would bring in income as well as help the waste water plant and add to our tax list. I would like to be part of the final decisions. Please keep me in mind when voting.

Selectperson, 1 year
Stephen Goodrich:
I have enjoyed living in Shoreham for nineteen years. Ours is a supportive rural commmunity I would like to help maintain. I both work and live in this community and see the whole town each day through the windshield of my Explorer. As a selectboard member I would like to work to improve the conditions of our roads, the education of our children, and the development of town facilities, while practicing fiscal responsibility.

Eric Leonard: I have lived in Shoreham all my life. I have been married thirty years to my wife, Nicole. We have two sons and a beautiful granddaughter. I previously served on the selectboard from 1995–2000. I chaired Shoreham’s Wastewater task force to come up with a solution for our village’s wastewater problem. Acting as Shoreham’s representative I oversaw the successful completion of our new wastewater system on schedule and under budget. The system is a great asset to Shoreham. I also dealt with a town wide reappraisal which we are about to do again and dealt with scores of items that came before the Board. My family has served this community for over 50 years and I am ready to get back to work. I would appreciate your support on March 7.

Larry Provost: My roots start in Shoreham when my grandfather, Wilfred Brisson, moved here to farm in 1910. I was born in Vermont, grew up in Massachusetts, but spent summers on the farm in Shoreham. I returned to Vermont after my military duty in the 1960’s. I am a self-made business man for 40 years. Over the past 8 years I have served the town of Shoreham as the Tri-Town Water Commissioner (6 years), Waste Water Task Force (2 years), Waste Water Commissioner (5 years), and 3 terms elected to serve on the Selectboard. I would like to give my business experience and community dedication back to our town for another year and ask for your vote to serve a 4th term.

Paul F. Saenger: Rene and I own Cream Hill Farm on Basin Harbor Road. I have served as Town Auditor for several years and am familiar with town budgets. The Road Budget has been increasing at double-digit rates while road conditions worsen each year. Throwing more money at a broken process is a waste. The selectboard should have a sound road plan and give clear direction to the road crew. Money spent on additional equipment that sets in the Town garage will not improve roads. I appreciate your vote for a one-year position to the selectboard.

Philip Witteman: My family has lived in Shoreham since 1958. I was educated in Shoreham schools through my freshman year, when the high school closed, then graduated from MUHS. Most of my life I have resided in town. I am running for a Selectboard position to help maintain Shoreham’s heritage and a vibrant future. I am somewhat conservative, with a great respect for others’ ideas. I would appreciate your vote on election day.

Auditor, 3 Years
Judith Symon:
As a Shoreham resident with experience as an Office/Financial manager I was asked to fill one of the positions as Town Auditor during the year 2005–2006. I found this work to be enjoyable and fulfilling, and believe with the experience from this past year I would be an asset in this position in 2006–2009.

Auditor, 2 years
Maureen Rahner:
I moved to Shoreham with my husband, Bob, in 2002. My previous position was as an Office Manager for KV2 Corp. in NJ for 15 years, where I was responsible for all bookkeeping, payroll, and accounts. This experience affords me the ability to become an involved member of my new community by being a Town Auditor.

Auditor, 1 year
Robert W. Rahner: I retired from AT&T after 30 years, where I worked in a financial capacity, including Financial Auditing. I am currently the Treasurer of the Walker Grove Association, a small condo association in Sudbury. The position of Town Auditor will allow me to do some small part as an active resident of the Town of Shoreham.

Molly Francis: I have lived in Shoreham for a little over two years now and in that time have seen how important it is for a small town to have community gathering places. The library is an integral part of Shoreham and I would like to help in any way I can to make it a better, bigger and more vibrant place for everyone to use. I grew up using libraries all the time and I am very committed to reading and the benefits that it can have.

School Director, 1 year
Greg Mairs: It is with pleasure that I offer my continued participation on the Shoreham School Board. As a parent of twin girls attending kindergarten, I find myself grateful for having been offered the opportunity to play an integral role in Shoreham’s educational processes. I bring to the Board over 15 years of experience in non-profit management, a proven track record in budgeting and finance, and strategic vision. My goal is to assist our community in translating educational theory into practice and mission into action. In doing so, I fully understand that we, as a Board, must develop sympathetic and innovative solutions to overcome the presented challenges.

School Director, 2 years
Natasha Causton: I am a graduate of Middlebury College and have been a Shoreham resident for almost three years. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and teach at the Community College in Middlebury. I am also the mother of two young boys. My goal, as a school board member, is to ensure the best education for our students, to increase the reputation of our elementary school, and to attract more young families to our town and school. By supporting the needs of our children, we will ensure the vitality of our town. I look forward to getting further input from community members.

Peter Lynch: Act 68 presents significant challenges for Shoreham. With one term as school director under my belt, broad experience in education, and recent experience n nonprofit management, I will continue to help Shoreham address the increasing challenge of balancing academic quality and fiscal responsibility. Shoreham School will need to make very difficult decisions in the near future, and School Directors must organize opportunities for feedback from residents. I thank the voters of Shoreham for the opportunity to serve these past two years. With your support, I look forward to confronting our school funding challenges head-on during the next two years.

Library Building Committee Update

February 28, 2006

Although 70% of Shoreham has library cards at the Platt Memorial Library, not everyone knows about our plans for an addition to the building! The Building Committee, founded a number of years ago by Barb Kivlin and Judy Stevens, has found new life and excitement with the addition of several members. Leslie Goodrich, Karen Shackett, Peter Wimmer, Shannon Bohler-Small, and Joyce Morgan have been researching grants and fundraising and meeting with our new architect. It is indeed true that we have hired NBF Architects of Rutland to design the library addition. NBF comes with a stellar reputation and a history of designing beautiful, functional public buildings. They have put additions on the Wallingford and Chester libraries, as well as renovated the Paramount Theater and St. Peter Church in Rutland. Our architect, Ralph Nimtz, has been designing buildings in Vermont for over 30 years.

We invite you to an Information Night on Tuesday, March 28th at the Fire House. We will have Ralph there with us. For us here at the Platt there are few things more important than the sharing of knowledge and information with all the members of a community— especially one as great as ours! [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

New Zoning Administrator

February 28, 2006

On February 13 Phil Kivlin was appointed as the town’s Zoning Administrator. He may be reached through the Town offices or at 897-8031. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Will Stevens to Run for State Rep

February 28, 2006

Will Stevens, who with his wife Judy owns Golden Russet Farm, plans to run for State Representative this year as an Independent. He will publicly announce his candidacy in mid-March. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Greenup Day—Saturday, May 6

February 28, 2006

Bags have been ordered, the school poster contest has begun, and lots of trash is visible along roadsides. Shoreham needs volunteers to sign up in advance for road clean up. Call Heidi Lanpher to help, or use the signup form on the Community page. Green-up Bags should be available by April vacation week (24th to 28th) so volunteers can get an early start. Please use only these bags for trash. There will be the usual prizes and surprises. We also have plans for a scrap metal drop, and the sixth grade will hold a car wash to benefit their trip to Boston. Everything takes place at the firehouse, 8AM to Noon, May 6. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Platt Memorial Library is 100 Years Old This Year!

February 28, 2006

One hundred years ago Mary Mixer built our library in memory of her husband William Nichols Platt. Today our library is better than ever! We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday with another evening to be added soon. We have excellent children’s programming and special events for the community. We have an ever-growing adult collection that includes best sellers, interesting non-fiction, and a large audio collection. Our children’s collection continues to grow with the latest award winners and current topics.

Your librarian, Diana (Dee Dee) Ladd has completed her library certification through Vermont Department of Libraries •Congratulations Dee Dee! Renee Ursitti, Children’s librarian, is scheduled to complete her library certification this spring. Both women have worked hard over the last 4 years to complete the required courses in order to serve your community better.

A major accomplishment in 2005 for the Platt Memorial Library Board of Trustees was developing and adopting a comprehensive Five Year Plan of Services for our library. The Five-Year Plan of Services (2005-2010) includes five major goals for the Platt to meet over the next five years. These goals stemmed from our library’s mission statement and will help guide the library’s future growth. Here are the five goals:

  • Goal One: More Shoreham Residents will use current materials and programs to make their leisure time more enjoyable and productive.
  • Goal Two: Children, parents and caregivers will find materials and programs that encourage early literacy and the love of learning.
  • Goal Three: Residents of all ages who are unable to access the library will receive library resources in a variety of ways.
  • Goal Four: All Residents will feel welcome and will develop a sense of community connection and spirit.
  • Goal Five: More Shoreham residents will access a wide range of general information relating to their work, schooling, and personal lives.

There are copies available at the Library of the entire Plan of Services, including yearly activities we will be focusing on in order to successfully meet these goals. Please contact our librarians with any questions or feedback you have regarding this plan.

One of the primary activities we have planned for the years to come is to continue to increase the engaging, educational, and relevant programming that we offer to the community. So please speak to either of our librarians about your ideas for new library programs that would be of interest to you and your family. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

New Arrivals at the Platt Library

February 28, 2006

Adult Fiction

  • Mary, Mary—James Patterson
  • S is for Silence—Sue Grafton
  • The Last Days of Dogtown—Anita Diamant
  • Together Along—Barbara Delinsky
  • Dark Horse—Tami Hoag

Adult Non-Fiction

  • Bait and Switch, The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream—Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking—Malcolm Galdwell

Young Adult

  • Will of the Empress—Tamora Pierce
  • Ptolemy’s Gate, Book III—Jonathon Stroud
  • Criss Cross—Lynne Rae Perkins
  • My Mother’s Daughter; Four Greek Goddesses Speak—Doris Orgel

Picture Books

  • The Hello, Goodbye Window—Norton Juster
  • Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!—Megan McDonald
  • Hot Air The Mostly True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride—Marjorie Priceman
  • Leaf Man—Lois Ehlert
  • It’s Snowing!—Olivier Dunrea
  • I will Never NOT Ever Eat a Tomato—Lauren Child

[Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Kindergarten Registration

February 18, 2006

Parents of children who will be entering Kindergarten at the Shoreham Elementary School in the fall of 2006 should phone the school before Friday, March 10th to receive registration materials. Children must be five years old by December 31st to register.

  • Friday, 3/10: Registration Deadline
  • Monday, 5/8: Parent Orientation 7:00 p.m.
  • Monday, 5/22: Children visit 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.
  • August: Children visit prior to first day of school

(Principal’s Notes–S.Hotte)

Chess Club for Grades 3 & Up—3/7–4/11

February 18, 2006

Chess Club will begin Tuesday, March 7th and will be held each Tuesday after school from 2:30-4:00 until April 11th for students in grades 3 and older. A permission form will be sent home after vacation. All interested adults are invited to join us.

(Principal’s Notes–S.Hotte)

Student Council

February 18, 2006

As a Student Council School Spirit project, the students of Shoreham Elementary School, their families, and friends donated items to send to a Vermont troop in Iraq. This past week was also “I Love to Read and Write Week?. Among other things, students used their writing time this week to write letters and make Valentines for our chosen troop. We collected about 200 lbs of donations and on February 14th we mailed the donations and the letters to Company C 3/126 Air Ambulance. This troop is made up of soldiers from Vermont and Massachusetts.

Each month the current Student Council group brainstorms ideas for a School Spirit project or day. Sending a care package to a troop in Iraq was an idea that came from a previous student council group. February’s group liked the idea and in keeping with Valentine’s Day chose to use it to show love and support to our troops fighting in Iraq. We are all proud of the mature process and behavior of each of the Student Council groups.

Fall Update: This past fall one of the Student Council’s ideas was to collect coins for the Hurricane Katrina victims. We collected $389.43. This was added to a $500.00 donation made by the Kathleen Wolf Memorial Fund. The $889.43 was sent to the American Red Cross.

(Principal’s Notes–S.Hotte)