Library Building Committee Update

Although 70% of Shoreham has library cards at the Platt Memorial Library, not everyone knows about our plans for an addition to the building! The Building Committee, founded a number of years ago by Barb Kivlin and Judy Stevens, has found new life and excitement with the addition of several members. Leslie Goodrich, Karen Shackett, Peter Wimmer, Shannon Bohler-Small, and Joyce Morgan have been researching grants and fundraising and meeting with our new architect. It is indeed true that we have hired NBF Architects of Rutland to design the library addition. NBF comes with a stellar reputation and a history of designing beautiful, functional public buildings. They have put additions on the Wallingford and Chester libraries, as well as renovated the Paramount Theater and St. Peter Church in Rutland. Our architect, Ralph Nimtz, has been designing buildings in Vermont for over 30 years.

We invite you to an Information Night on Tuesday, March 28th at the Fire House. We will have Ralph there with us. For us here at the Platt there are few things more important than the sharing of knowledge and information with all the members of a community— especially one as great as ours! [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

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