Platt Memorial Library is 100 Years Old This Year!

One hundred years ago Mary Mixer built our library in memory of her husband William Nichols Platt. Today our library is better than ever! We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday with another evening to be added soon. We have excellent children’s programming and special events for the community. We have an ever-growing adult collection that includes best sellers, interesting non-fiction, and a large audio collection. Our children’s collection continues to grow with the latest award winners and current topics.

Your librarian, Diana (Dee Dee) Ladd has completed her library certification through Vermont Department of Libraries •Congratulations Dee Dee! Renee Ursitti, Children’s librarian, is scheduled to complete her library certification this spring. Both women have worked hard over the last 4 years to complete the required courses in order to serve your community better.

A major accomplishment in 2005 for the Platt Memorial Library Board of Trustees was developing and adopting a comprehensive Five Year Plan of Services for our library. The Five-Year Plan of Services (2005-2010) includes five major goals for the Platt to meet over the next five years. These goals stemmed from our library’s mission statement and will help guide the library’s future growth. Here are the five goals:

  • Goal One: More Shoreham Residents will use current materials and programs to make their leisure time more enjoyable and productive.
  • Goal Two: Children, parents and caregivers will find materials and programs that encourage early literacy and the love of learning.
  • Goal Three: Residents of all ages who are unable to access the library will receive library resources in a variety of ways.
  • Goal Four: All Residents will feel welcome and will develop a sense of community connection and spirit.
  • Goal Five: More Shoreham residents will access a wide range of general information relating to their work, schooling, and personal lives.

There are copies available at the Library of the entire Plan of Services, including yearly activities we will be focusing on in order to successfully meet these goals. Please contact our librarians with any questions or feedback you have regarding this plan.

One of the primary activities we have planned for the years to come is to continue to increase the engaging, educational, and relevant programming that we offer to the community. So please speak to either of our librarians about your ideas for new library programs that would be of interest to you and your family. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]


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