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Library Information Night—March 28

March 17, 2006

The plans for the addition come out of a lot of discussion between the committee, the library board and the librarians. We did not take on the task lightly—we want to make sure that the addition will serve the needs of the community for years to come. To that end we have included space for Renee’s children’s programs (including a work sink for those really great messy ones!) as well as twice as much shelf space for DeeDee’s very cramped fiction and non-fiction sections. The addition will include quiet spaces to read, a Vermont room, a meeting area, a proper circulation desk and a librarian’s workroom with storage space. Most importantly, the library will become handicap accessible with a new entrance and ramped walkway. There are more details to share with the Residents of Shoreham so we invite you to an Information Night on Tuesday, March 28th at the Firehouse. Ralph Nimtz, from NBF Architects of Rutland, the designers of the addition, will be there with us. We’ll also have details about upcoming events, ways you can help, and goodies to snack on. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]


UD#3 School Director Notes

March 8, 2006

I look forward to another three years of representing the citizens of Shoreham on the Union District #3 (high school / middle school) school board. Thank you for your vote.

This year looks to be a very busy one with a lot to accomplish. I have been selected to lead the UD#3 board’s negotiating team this year as we negotiate with the members of MUHSTA for a new teachers’ contract. MUHSTA stands for “Middlebury Union High School Teachers’ Association.” This includes teachers from the high school and the middle school in Middlebury.

I have been serving as one of the three UD#3 board representatives to the Addison Central Supervisory Union (ACSU) board. The ACSU board consists of three (3) members from each of the boards throughout the ASCU, including UD#3 (MUHS / MUMS), Mary Hogan School (ID#4) in Middlebury, as well as the elementary schools in Shoreham, Cornwall, Bridport, Ripton & Salisbury. The 21 member board meets 4-8 times per year and all meetings are open to the public, as well. It is at the ACSU “big board” level where the Superintendent and other central office staff are hired and supervised, along with some of what is called the “shared staff” that works at various schools across the ACSU, like physical education, special education, technology, and other shared duties.

If you have any questions about the Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury Union Middle School or the ACSU, please feel free to give me a call at (802) 897-2882. I would be happy to answer any questions or speak to any concerns that you may have.

Bill O’Neill

Town Meeting & Election Results

March 8, 2006

The 4-H’s light supper offerings were very well received! Much discussion on numerous items, particularly roads—meeting ran from 6 to 11:30PM. All articles up for discussion or ballot-vote were passed, including the elementary school budget (196 Yes/144 No) and the gym funding (231 Yes/107 No).


  • MODERATOR: Will Stevens
  • TOWN CLERK: Mary Jane James
    • 3 YEARS: Marthe A. Fisher (118 votes)
      Jeff Bronson (115 votes), Art Remick (89 votes)
    • 2 YEARS: Robert Warren (164)
      Bob Growney (153)
    • 1 YEAR: Stephen Goodrich (177), Paul Saenger (205)
      Eric Leonard (102), Larry Provost (66), Philip Witteman (63)
    • 3 YEARS: Judith Symon
    • 2 YEARS: Maureen Rahner
    • 1 YEAR: Robert W. Rahner
  • DELINQUENT TAX COLLECTOR: William R. Telgen, Jr.
  • UD #3 SCHOOL DIRECTOR (3 yrs): William F. O’Neill, Jr.
    • 3 YEARS: Greg Mairs
    • 2 YEARS: Natasha Causton, Peter Lynch
  • CONSTABLE (1 yr): Raymond Mason
    • 5 YEARS: Joyce Morgan
    • 2 YEARS: Molly Francis
  • PLANNING BOARD (4 yrs): Joseph B. Hescock
    (Write-in: info not yet released)
    • 3 YEARS: Philip Kivlin
    • 2 YEARS: Richard M. Philip
  • WATER COMMISSIONER (3 yrs): Larry Provost
  • TOWN AGENT (1 yr): Wesley Larrabee
  • GRAND JURORS: (write-ins—results not yet released)