Festival Plans Are Rolling Along! Deadline approaches

The plans for the Shoreham Festival are coming along wonderfully. Full day activities are planned. Thank you, Hannah and Keith Farrell for taking this on to make it a full day of fun. The Platt Library is on-board with some great ideas, and we're still looking for input from other local groups about what they want to do. Deadline to get event/booth-space requests in is June 30! After June 30, we should have a complete itinerary of events.

There will be a parade at 2pm—everyone and anyone who wants to march down (or up?) the road is welcome! I you have a car or a cart or a buggy or a wheelbarrow you want to deck out and parade through town, here's your chance. No advance notice is needed to be in the parade, just watch for notice of where and when to get staged as the day approaches.

Despite the weather (!) we did raise $120 for the fireworks fund at the town lawn sales! We'll be holding another flea market sale at the Festival and will be taking donations for items the week prior. Watch for notices.

Also, still looking for a few more volunteers to help at the Festival— mainly for pick up and to help run some games. If you can help at all, please let me know—call, or use the signup form.

Finally, if your group wants booth space, there's a place to indicate it on the signup form. We need to know so space can be coordinated. [Heidi Lanpher]


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