2006 Shoreham Zoning Bylaws Rewrite —Summary of What’s Changed

Reminder: 2nd info meeting tonight at 7. The location has been changed to the school gym.

Below is a short summary of what the proposed changes are for the bylaws:

  • The last total rewrite of Town bylaws was 1987, revisions made in 1999 & 2004.
  • Many changes were made to meet the requirements of the 2004 update of State statute. These changes include permitting small day care facilities, group homes, and home occupations as by right residential uses. A provision for an accessory apartment as a by right residential use was also included.
  • The list of permitted and conditional uses was expanded in all districts. A provision was added to allow consideration of a use not specifically mentioned.
  • Expanded Village districts (Village Commercial and Village Residential), and reduced setback, lot size, frontage and dimensional standards.
  • In developed lakeshore areas the frontage and setback standards are reduced, and language was added to clarify treatment of leased lots to be similar to lots owned outright.
  • Changed treatment of Agricultural district from a roadside strip zone of 2 acre minimum lots with an interior zone of 25 acre minimum lot size, to one district with a 2 acre minimum lot and a requirement for a set aside of a percentage of the lot not developable. PUD review is required in most cases for subdivision in the Ag district.
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUD) are allowed by the new statute which combined the PUD with the former Planned Residential Development. The bylaws allow the Planning Commission to consider a development plan which meets the standards of the bylaws, and to benefit the applicant, may include flexibility in modifying area and dimensional requirements, including lot size, setbacks, frontage, etc.
  • There are no subdivision regulations, Shoreham and Bristol are the only towns in the county without these regulations. As subdivision is regulated via a zoning permit, which expires in a year, a mechanism has been added so that when a subdivision plat or deed description is filed in the land records, the subdivision remains in effect.
  • Treatment of preexisting uses and structures has been consolidated as required by statute, but remains similar in effect.
  • Added provision for waiver of setback requirements, up to 30% reduction, with conditional use review.
  • Added provisions for farm labor housing to allow more than one residence on a farm lot.
  • Expanded home occupations to include the more intensive ‘Home-based business’.
  • Incorporates the phosphorus reduction elements currently adopted as an interim amendment.

[P.Kivlin, Zoning Administrator]

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