By-Laws Info Meeting on the 31st

This session, at 7PM at the school, begins with Article 6. This section is the big one, the one dealing with land divisions, district standards, the plan and review process, and so on—in a word, development. The Article sections are listed below. As always, you are urged to get a copy of the draft, if you haven’t, and study the Article under discussion. Please bring written comments/changes to the meeting to assist in the compilation of the final document.


  • Section 6.01 Purpose
  • Section 6.02 Applicability
  • Section 6.03 Coordination with Other Review Processes
  • Section 6.04 Sketch Plan
  • Section 6.05 Final Plan Review
  • Section 6.06 Plan Amendments
  • Section 6.07 General PUD Standards
  • Section 6.08 Agricultural, Conservation, & Flood Hazard District Standards
  • Section 6.09 Agricultural District Density & Set Aside Standards
  • Section 6.10 Village Commercial or Residential & MDR Standards

Copies of the draft are available at the Town Office or as a PDF from the downloads page of the website.


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