To run for a town office requires a petition signed by at least 1% of the town’s registered voters and a signed consent form. Forms and details are available at the Town Office. Forms must be filed with the Clerk by January 29 at 4pm.

  • Moderator: One 1-year term
  • Town Clerk: One 1-year term
  • Treasurer: One 1-year term
  • Trustee Pub funds: One 1-year term
  • Selectboard:
    • One 3-year term
    • Two 1-year terms
  • School Directors:
    • One 3-year term
    • One 2-year term
    • One 2-year unexpired term
  • Listers: One 3-year term
  • Auditors: One 3-year term
  • Del. Tax Collector: One 1-year term
  • Planning Comm:
    • Two 4-year terms
    • One 3-year unexpired term
  • Water Comm: One 3-year term
  • Library Trustees:
    • One 3-year unexpired term
    • One 5-year term
  • Constable: One 1-year term
  • Town Agent: One 1-year term
  • Town Jurors: Two 1-year terms

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