Tips for using & commenting on News

Add your comment by clicking the “Comment” link below the article. The link will say “No Comment” if none have been entered to-date, or will indicate how many have been made. You may use your name or just your initials, your email address will not appear in the comment, it’s just for administrative purposes.

To read the post together with its comments on their own page, click on the title to go to the page. Use the category archive link in the right column to see all posts made under that heading. You can always return to the front page of the News section by going to the “Links to Town Webpages” under “Pages” in the right column, and clicking on the link to the front page

New posts—You can send in your news, start a new topic, or give your opinion (to be posted in the “Opinions” category) about whatever’s on your mind by sending us an email, using the Add “Your news” link wherever you find it, or using one of the news forms on the main website. Please be sure to indicate which category your post should be listed under, and indicate how you’d like to be credited (name or initials).We also need to know how to reach you by phone, so include that as well (number not to be published).

The WordPress-hosted software we’re using isn’t overly customizable at this time, so it may take us a bit of tweaking here & there to get things to display acceptably. They promise all sorts of options on the horizon—we’ll see what comes..

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