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Shoreham Festival—Saturday, September 2

August 27, 2006

The Festival is almost here! Events begin at 9 AM and conclude with fireworks some time after 8:30 PM. The full schedule and other details are on the Festival’s page. Some quick notes follow:

  • Tag Sale items should be left at the Firehouse on Friday. Saleable items only, please! Tag sale runs from 9 to 1; prices are $2 per bag of goods, $4 per box—all proceeds benefit the Fireworks Fund.
  • Parade is at 2:00; stage behind Seedway at 1:00. Everyone is welcome to march (or drive) in the parade, so don’t be shy!
  • The Classic Car and Motorcycle shows will be near the school; register on-site. Join the parade!
  • Contests and games are ongoing around the Common all day
  • Cake-eating contest at 2:30
  • The Platt Library is celebrating its 100th birthday with a birthday cake judging at 4:00—all cakes will find their way to the Selectboard Supper at 4:30. Check out the Library’s page for details on their Book Sale, face painting, henna tattooing, and to register your cake for the judging.
  • Selectboard Supper—4:30 at the Firehouse. Tickets will be available at the door ($10/adult; $5/5-12 yrs; under 5, no charge); The menu is spit-roasted beef, with pot-luck side dishes and desserts (plus those birthday cakes!). Everyone is encouraged to bring a bit of pot-luck, whatever’s your favorite that would be good with roast beef. Contact Denise Gibeault if you need inspiration or to find out specifics. All proceeds go to the Fireworks Fund.

If you want to lend a hand, contact Heidi, we can always use help getting folks parked, or cleaning up after the supper.


Shoreham Festival Meeting—June 8

May 26, 2006

5:00 PM • Shoreham Inn

Everyone who wants to be involved, or has plans for the Festival needs to attend this meeting—this is when we move forward or drop it. If you or your group is thinking of/planning something for the day, it is critical that you commit at this meeting. Festival plans will be finalized by June 30th! I would like to see a member from every community function there. (Library, Newton Academy, Historical Society, Planning, Selectboard, seniors, churches, tractor pullers, etc.) [Heidi Lanpher]

2006 Shoreham Festival

April 21, 2006

Plans for this year's Festival (September 2) are well underway. Here's an update:

“The meeting March 11 went great. A lot of ideas were started and are the in process of being accomplished. One thing we did find we need is volunteers to help in the evening, cleaning up after the meal and putting tables away. We also are looking for some donations for the raffle we are having during the day. We have also decided to do a Bingo during the day (and maybe night), and the flea market will make its way back to the Shoreham Festival (donations will be welcome starting in August). There will also be a few 50/50 raffles throughout the day.

“Please, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. The day should be complete and successful for everyone. Just come and walk in the parade or dress up and ride something. Come and enjoy. Find your town spirit. Shoreham is a fun place with great people.” [from Heidi Lanpher]

Townwide Lawn Sales—June 17 & 18

April 21, 2006

Get your closets cleaned out and your treasures ready to sell because this is the year for the Shoreham Townwide!

You can either participate and get on the map for a fee of just $10 (both days or just Saturday), or you can help benefit one of our local organizations—Shoreham Festival, Newton Academy, or the School Transportion Committee— by donating your items to be sold at the lawn sale at the firehouse (location #1).

We hope that everyone gets a chance to participate since we will not have another townwide until 2008. June 18th is an optional day and will be advertised on the map if the you specify it.

I will need to know if you want to be on the map for the Townwide Lawn Sale by June 1st so I can get the maps made. I can't work on this June 9–15, so please do not wait or I can not make it happen. Sale tags will be delivered to you. Advertising for the sale will start the first two weeks of June. [post from Heidi Lanpher]

May 6: Green up Day & Scrap Metal Drop

April 21, 2006

The scrap metal drop is from 8am to noon. Fence wire, aluminum… call Heidi Lanpher if not sure what’s allowed.

There will be an ice cream party and flowers donated by Golden Russett Farm as rewards for bringing in your green bags of roadside garbage. Bags should be available mid April at the Town Clerk's office, library, school, and of course through me. I hope that everyone will participate. If you see garbage too big for an individual to pick up, just let me know where it is. Remember only local town roads. I hope adults are with their children at all times on any roads during Green up. Contact me to signup for a road section to clean.

Also on May 6th is the Grade 6 Car Wash to benefit their trip to Boston. Come on out! It is at the Firehouse from 9am to 2pm. [post from Heidi Lanpher]

Greenup Day—Saturday, May 6

February 28, 2006

Bags have been ordered, the school poster contest has begun, and lots of trash is visible along roadsides. Shoreham needs volunteers to sign up in advance for road clean up. Call Heidi Lanpher to help, or use the signup form on the Community page. Green-up Bags should be available by April vacation week (24th to 28th) so volunteers can get an early start. Please use only these bags for trash. There will be the usual prizes and surprises. We also have plans for a scrap metal drop, and the sixth grade will hold a car wash to benefit their trip to Boston. Everything takes place at the firehouse, 8AM to Noon, May 6. [Shoreham News, Winter 2006; L.Fitzsimmons]

Looking for a Basketball Coach

November 15, 2005

The elementary school’s athletic department is looking for someone to coach the 3rd and 4th grade girls’ & boys’ teams. Please call Ed Lanpher, Michelle Patterson, or Stacy Hotte to volunteer. [S.Hotte, Principal’s Notes]

Fire Department and Rescue Squad Seek Volunteers

November 9, 2005

If you have had personal experience with a medical scare or emergency or a fire in Shoreham, you know that a quick response by trained personnel can be critical to the outcome. First Response and Fire Department volunteers provide the emergency services. They are on call day and night, ready to help their neighbors. To ensure that essential services can continue to be provided whenever they are needed, the rescue squad and fire department need some new volunteers

The rescue squad has only seven volunteers, only two or three of whom work in Shoreham during the day. The fire department has eighteen trained volunteers, but only five or fewer are available on weekdays. When necessary, calls go out to neighboring towns for mutual aid, but those volunteers cannot be on the scene as quickly as someone in town.

Jim Ortuno and Ethan McArdle volunteer as First Responders and firefighters. They work at Shoreham Upholstery, across the road from the fire department, and they respond to almost every call. “Last year there were only about three calls I didn’t respond to,? says Jim, adding that on days when there are several calls, he and Ethan get little of their work done. The shortage of daytime volunteers can create problems. “If only two of us respond to a fire, we can drive only two of the trucks, even though more may be needed,? Jim says with frustration.

Have you ever said or you would like to or should volunteer for your community? Now is the time to do it. “Our calls are not dramatic like those on tv shows. Most medical situations are non-life threatening. We take blood pressure and other vital signs, provide oxygen, and offer comfort. We prepare the patient for the ambulance,? Jim says. Fire department volunteers don’t have to fight fires; they can drive trucks and help outside the fire. The rescue squad averages one or two calls a week, and the fire department, one or two a month.

Fire department training classes meet weekly for five or six months in Middlebury. First Responder classes are twice a week for six months. Both require a few Saturday sessions. Potential rescue squad volunteers may take shorter modular classes to learn one skill at a time. Trained fire department and rescue squad volunteers meet two evenings a month for training, business, and comraderie.

Call Dick Treadway to learn more about the rescue squad and Jeff Treadway about the fire department.

[L.Fitzsimmons, Shoreham News]

Volunteers Needed at Recycling Center

October 20, 2005

Non-resident use threatens to drive up our recycling costs. The town needs a few volunteers to help survey the users at the recycling center and let J.R.’s’ attendant know when someone doesn’t live in Shoreham. If you can spare some time to help with this cost-cutting measure, please call the town office at 897-5841 to sign up for a few hours on a Saturday morning for the next couple of months.

Green Mountain Foster Grandparents Program

October 11, 2005

The GMFGP seeks people to read with students and support small group activities in schools and preschools. The adult participants develop positive relationships with children and become role models. They are never alone with students and are not responsible for planning activities or monitoring behavior. Foster Grandparents over age 60 who volunteer 15-40 hours a week receive a tax-free stipend, mileage reimbursement, and supplemental insurance. Call the GMFG office at 388-7044 or Dan Collins at the Shoreham School for information.