January 15, 2007

To run for a town office requires a petition signed by at least 1% of the town’s registered voters and a signed consent form. Forms and details are available at the Town Office. Forms must be filed with the Clerk by January 29 at 4pm.

  • Moderator: One 1-year term
  • Town Clerk: One 1-year term
  • Treasurer: One 1-year term
  • Trustee Pub funds: One 1-year term
  • Selectboard:
    • One 3-year term
    • Two 1-year terms
  • School Directors:
    • One 3-year term
    • One 2-year term
    • One 2-year unexpired term
  • Listers: One 3-year term
  • Auditors: One 3-year term
  • Del. Tax Collector: One 1-year term
  • Planning Comm:
    • Two 4-year terms
    • One 3-year unexpired term
  • Water Comm: One 3-year term
  • Library Trustees:
    • One 3-year unexpired term
    • One 5-year term
  • Constable: One 1-year term
  • Town Agent: One 1-year term
  • Town Jurors: Two 1-year terms

Updated Dog Ordinance Adopted

January 15, 2007


Notice is hereby given of the following ordinance for the Town of Shoreham,
adopted at the Selectboard’s duly warned meeting on December 26, 2006. This notice is published in its entirety. Please contact the Town Constable if you have any questions. You may also review the ordinance at the Town Clerk’s Office. Citizens have the right to petition for a vote on the ordinance at an annual or special meeting as provided in Section 1973 Title 24. Unless a petition is filed for a permissive referendum, this ordinance will become effective February 24, 2007, which is sixty days after the date of its adoption.


At a meeting held in accordance with 24 VSA 1972(a) and pursuant to 24 VSA 2291(10), The Selectmen of the Town of Shoreham Adopted the following ordinance relating to the regulation and keeping of dogs and the providing for their leashing or restraint with the “Town of Shoreham” as defined below:

  1. DEFINITIONS: a dog “running at large” shall mean a dog which is not (a) on a leash, or (b) on or within a vehicle, or (c) on the property of its owner or his agent; or (d) clearly under the verbal command of its owner or his agent or (e) hunting with its owner or his agent.
    The pound and poundkeeper shall be that place and that person specifically designated by the Selectmen of the Town of Shoreham from time to time.
  2. A person shall not allow a dog to run at large within the limits of the Town of Shoreham.
  3. A person shall not permit any female dog in heat to be outside a building or outside a fenced enclosure.
  4. A person shall not permit a dog to bark excessively, or to otherwise become a public nuisance, or to create a disturbance.
  5. The Shoreham Town Constable shall be the chief enforcement officer of this Ordinance.
  6. The Constable and any law enforcement officer may use all reasonable methods for catching and impounding a dog in violation of this Ordinance, including the use of tranquilizing and marking apparatus.
  7. The Constable or any law enforcement officer may impound a dog found in violation of this Ordinance.
  8. The procedure for claiming or releasing a dog from the pound shall be as follows:A. Upon delivery to the pound, the poundkeeper shall notify the dog’s owner if the dog is licensed. The dog shall be held for three (3) days after the owner is notified, unless claimed earlier.

    B. If the dog is unlicensed, the poundkeeper shall notify a local radio station of the dog’s description, and the dog shall be held for three (3) days after the first broadcasting of the dog’s description, unless sooner claimed.

    C. If the owner does not claim the dog within the three-day period, the dog shall be given to whomever pays the poundkeeper’s fees, rabies shots, and necessary licensing fees.

    D. If no person claims the dog, the dog may be humanely destroyed, and the Town shall pay all necessary fees.

    E. No dog shall be released from the pound until it is properly licensed, and all pound and other charges paid.

  9. A person claiming a dog from the pound shall pay to the poundkeeper a reasonable fee for the dog’s board, all fees for licensing, and all other necessary charges and expenses incurred by the poundkeeper. In addition, such person shall pay to the poundkeeper, for the benefit of the Town, a reasonable compensation for expenses incurred for the enforcement of this ordinance.
  10. A person who violates this Ordinance shall be fined not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars.
  11. If any part of this Ordinance is held to be invalid, such holding shall not affect the remaining portions of this Ordinance, which shall remain in full force and effect.
  12. This Ordinance shall be effective on February 24, 2007.

Paul Saenger
Marthe Fisher
Steven Goodrich
Robert Warren
Walter F. Pyle

Selectmen of the Town of Shoreham Dated:December 26, 2006

Attest: Mary Jane James, Town Clerk
297 Main Street
Shoreham, Vermont 05770
Tel. 802-897-5841

Jamaican Hymn Sing—September 24

September 11, 2006

The Congregational Church once again hosts the Annual Jamaican Hymn Sing at 7:30 PM on September 24. There will be a free-will offering, with proceeds from the Hymn Sing going to churches in Jamaica. For further info, contact Gail Wood, 7-5140. [post from G.Wood]

The Sound of Music at the Congregational Church—September 10

September 4, 2006

Shoreham Congregational Church—Sound of Music at 7:00 PM. Tickets available at the door. Cost $5.00 (maximum family cost $15; children under 5 are free). This is a fund raiser for the Congregational Churches in Shoreham, Bridport, and Orwell. All of cast members (except the nuns) are children from the three churches. For further info, contact Gail Wood, 7-5140.[post from G. Wood, Music Director]

Shoreham Festival—Saturday, September 2

August 27, 2006

The Festival is almost here! Events begin at 9 AM and conclude with fireworks some time after 8:30 PM. The full schedule and other details are on the Festival’s page. Some quick notes follow:

  • Tag Sale items should be left at the Firehouse on Friday. Saleable items only, please! Tag sale runs from 9 to 1; prices are $2 per bag of goods, $4 per box—all proceeds benefit the Fireworks Fund.
  • Parade is at 2:00; stage behind Seedway at 1:00. Everyone is welcome to march (or drive) in the parade, so don’t be shy!
  • The Classic Car and Motorcycle shows will be near the school; register on-site. Join the parade!
  • Contests and games are ongoing around the Common all day
  • Cake-eating contest at 2:30
  • The Platt Library is celebrating its 100th birthday with a birthday cake judging at 4:00—all cakes will find their way to the Selectboard Supper at 4:30. Check out the Library’s page for details on their Book Sale, face painting, henna tattooing, and to register your cake for the judging.
  • Selectboard Supper—4:30 at the Firehouse. Tickets will be available at the door ($10/adult; $5/5-12 yrs; under 5, no charge); The menu is spit-roasted beef, with pot-luck side dishes and desserts (plus those birthday cakes!). Everyone is encouraged to bring a bit of pot-luck, whatever’s your favorite that would be good with roast beef. Contact Denise Gibeault if you need inspiration or to find out specifics. All proceeds go to the Fireworks Fund.

If you want to lend a hand, contact Heidi, we can always use help getting folks parked, or cleaning up after the supper.

By-Laws Info Meeting on the 31st

August 27, 2006

This session, at 7PM at the school, begins with Article 6. This section is the big one, the one dealing with land divisions, district standards, the plan and review process, and so on—in a word, development. The Article sections are listed below. As always, you are urged to get a copy of the draft, if you haven’t, and study the Article under discussion. Please bring written comments/changes to the meeting to assist in the compilation of the final document.


  • Section 6.01 Purpose
  • Section 6.02 Applicability
  • Section 6.03 Coordination with Other Review Processes
  • Section 6.04 Sketch Plan
  • Section 6.05 Final Plan Review
  • Section 6.06 Plan Amendments
  • Section 6.07 General PUD Standards
  • Section 6.08 Agricultural, Conservation, & Flood Hazard District Standards
  • Section 6.09 Agricultural District Density & Set Aside Standards
  • Section 6.10 Village Commercial or Residential & MDR Standards

Copies of the draft are available at the Town Office or as a PDF from the downloads page of the website.

Steve Jackson to Run for State House Seat

August 7, 2006

Steve Jackson has announced plans to run as the Republican candidate for State Representative.

Public Hearing: Aug 3 re: “Green Woods Village”

July 30, 2006

The Planning Board will be holding a Public Hearing, August 3, for “Green Woods Village,” Jeremiah Parker’s housing development plan for the area he owns on the south end of the Green. Access is across from Newton Academy. The Board plans to inspect the site on foot at 7PM prior to holding the actual meeting at 7:30. Interested persons encouraged to attend.

By-Laws Info Meeting #3

July 28, 2006

Reminder for those concerned about the town’s future: Round 3 of the Draft By-Laws discussions will be held at the school on Monday, July 31, at 7PM. During the July 11 meeting we moved through section 3.12 of Article 3—Monday night will pick up at section 3.13.

So you can plan ahead, here is a listing of the remaining sections of Article 3, the sections of Article 4, & Articles through #7. The next meeting after this one is scheduled for August 15, the sections covered TBA (depends on Monday night’s progress). Copies of the Draft can be pickedup at the Town Clerk’s or downloaded from the town website.

    • Section 3.13 Performance Standards
    • Section 3.14 Retail Sales
    • Section 3.15 Signs
    • Section 3.16 Storage of Flammable Liquids
    • Section 3.17 Stormwater Management and Control at Construction Sites
    • Section 3.18 Surface Water Protection
    • Section 3.19 Temporary Uses & Structures
    • Section 3.20 Wastewater Disposal
    • Section 4.01 Accessory Apartments
    • Section 4.02 Agricultural Housing
    • Section 4.03 Aircraft Landing Strips
    • Section 4.04 Campers
    • Section 4.05 Campground
    • Section 4.06 Day Care Facilities
    • Section 4.07 Extraction & Quarrying Operations
    • Section 4.08 Farm Structures
    • Section 4.09 Freestanding Dishes & Antennas
    • Section 4.10 Gasoline Stations
    • Section 4.11 Motor Vehicle Sales or Repair Facility
    • Section 4.12 Group Home
    • Section 4.13 Home Occupations & Home-Based Businesses
    • Section 4.14 Kennel
    • Section 4.15 Light Industry
    • Section 4.16 Marinas (Water Based)
    • Section 4.17 Mixed Uses
    • Section 4.18 Mobile Home Parks
    • Section 4.19 Solar & Wind Energy Facilities
    • Section 4.20 Telecommunications Facilities

Shoreham’s Emergency Management Committee

July 28, 2006

Shoreham has a new Emergency Management Committee, established in May when the Selectboard appointed Lois Curtiss and Joan Treadway as co-cordinators (SB Minutes, May 9). The Committee will focus its efforts on the safety and well-being of the community through local preparedness in the event of emergencies of any kind. The EMC falls under the domain of Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) through Addison County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The Committee welcomes expressions of interest from other community members and is ready to hold informal presentations for any Shoreham group looking for more information about emergency preparedness and the scope of the Committee’s efforts. Visit the EMC’s webpage.